We Confuse The Bad Guys And Get An Award For Doing It



By: Delia J. Smith

Dispersive wins AFCEA’s Defensive Cyber Innovation Award for our network obfuscation techniques that hide and protect data.

On April 25, the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) honored Dispersive Technologies in a special way.

The association awarded us with its annual Innovation Award at the AFCEA Defensive Cyber Operations Seminar.

Admittedly, competition was stiff. We were up against more than 60 other entries. We won the award because of our unique ability to obfuscate, hide, and protect data and messages quickly and efficiently as they traverse the Internet.

We are excited not just about receiving the award, but also about what it represents. It indicates a growing realization of just how important secure communications are, why they are becoming harder to find and, most importantly, how and why Dispersive can provide both secure communications and fast network performance.

Our patented approach to software-defined networking allows our products to outperform VPNs, be more reliable than MPLS, and implement frequency-hopping techniques on the Internet that were previously found only in military radios.

We welcome the chance to talk with you about making your network communications faster, more reliable, and more secure. Email us at info@dispersivegroup.com or call (844) 403-5852.

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