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By: Delia J. Smith

The name Joel Bruckenstein may not ring a bell. However, in the world of financial technology – FinTech to insiders – he’s a pretty big deal.

Bruckenstein has co-authored three books, writes regularly for a couple of financial magazines, and compiles a yearly financial technology survey. He also produces an annual event called the T3 Enterprise Conference, going on this week in Las Vegas. Top executives from big-time brokers and RIAs, plus their tech advisors, flock there to learn the latest insights and innovations for their industry.

So, when Bruckenstein issued the following statement before this year’s event, he no doubt piqued the interest of more than a few attendees.

We will be announcing an innovative new cybersecurity solution during a special lunch briefing for press and other VIPs. This could be the biggest announcement of the year – maybe even the biggest of the decade. Anyone who is concerned about cybersecurity – and that should be everyone – should consider being in the room….

This is not the spiel of some carnival barker trying to dupe rubes into the tent. The T3 Enterprise Conference is well respected and well attended. Instead, this appears to be the clarion call of someone who understands the shortcomings of and challenges facing current FinTech measures, and who is reveling in the arrival of an important solution.

Bringing the Financial Sector “Under the Dome”

That new cybersecurity solution was revealed Monday. cleverDome, an Arizona cybersecurity company, is launching a platform that addresses security and compliance requirements for the financial services community.

“Meeting regulatory compliance with a fully secure network for financial communications, including personal data of consumers, has been a great challenge across the financial services spectrum,” explained cleverDome founder and CEO Aaron Spradlin. “We have created a community-based platform to protect confidential client information in the cloud.”

The company will provide a path to take that information “under the dome,” i.e., secure and off the open Internet. By unifying end-point protection with a secure communication layer and doing so under a common due-diligence standard, cleverDome offers a solution that promises to be the model for future financial networks.

Looking Under the Hood

The cleverDome announcement was the shiny new red Ferrari at the T3 conference. However, as any car buyer knows, looks can be deceiving. It always pays to check under the hood to get a better idea of potential performance.

And the cleverDome model doesn’t disappoint.

The engine powering its solution is an Application Wide Area Network (AppWAN) from NetFoundry, a Tata Communications business. And the software empowering that AppWAN is from Dispersive Technologies. NetFoundry licenses our software to provide superior performance and unmatched security for each AppWAN.

Performance. We combine dynamic, split-session multipath routing across one or more physical circuits with simultaneous, multivariate QoE and optimization schemes. All available connections are usable: broadband, WiFi, 4G/5G, etc. Our software increases throughput by optimally using any connection, with the software treating all available connections as one logical pipe.

When the network detects performance issues, the independent data streams instantly adapt. They automatically roll to new paths, improving application performance. If a packet is dropped, it (and it alone) is immediately retransmitted. Finally, our network seamlessly and efficiently reassembles all streams in the right order before handing them off to the application.

Security. As user sessions are split and independent paths selected, each packet stream is encrypted with a unique FIPS 140-2 compliant key. Each stream also takes a different path to thwart man-in-the-middle attacks. As an overlay solution, Dispersive’s software obscures the original source and destination for each session and stream. This shifts potential attacks away from the end customer.

By rolling away from problems, our software can defeat DoS and DDoS attacks. It not only authenticates users before providing access, it also can microsegment networks by user, port, protocol and application. And finally, our software silently denies by default any unexpected or outside connections.

With 28 patents granted and more on the way, Dispersive brings proven innovative leadership to the NetFoundry AppWAN.

Find out what partnering with us can bring to your enterprise. Email us at or call us at 1-844-403-5852.

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