Election Day 2018: Dispersive Reminds You To Vote



By: Delia J. Smith

Dispersive reminds all of our US-based partners, employees and friends to vote today. 

This Election Day, more U.S. citizens will exercise their right not to vote than will find their way to the polls. 

The reasons will be many. The candidates don’t represent me. I don’t like my choices. The government fails me no matter who is in office, so why bother voting? 

To the people offering these and other excuses to sit this one out, we offer the words of Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison.

Not voting is not a protest. It’s a surrender. 

We are blessed to live in a country that empowers us to choose our leaders. This Tuesday, don’t surrender one of your most precious rights. 

Take the time—make the time—to vote.

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