As Enterprise IoT Solutions Take Off, We’re Proud to Serve the Market in Partnership with Clovity


JUNE 2019

By: Matt Goggin

Yesterday Dispersive announced with our new partner Clovity that we have integrated Clovity’s broadly deployed enterprise IoT solutions with Dispersive’s DVN capabilities, which is excellent news for enterprises who require the highest level of security and proven reliability and network performance.

The great news about today’s partnership announcement with Clovity is that with Dispersive’s DVN integrated into their offerings, Clovity can enhance the value of what they bring to their customers, while also increasing their revenues in a high margin, proven managed connectivity solutions world. The combination of their platform which enables enterprises to stand up connected systems and our DVN ultra-secure software-defined networking services is a win for them, their customers, and ecosystem partners.

Given the architecture of Dispersive’s patented session splitting and encryption technologies, which have been proven in mission-critical deployments for the military, government, energy, financial services, and other mission-critical sectors, Clovity can roll out trusted, secure connections embedded with their existing platform, and future solutions.

We are both focused on delivering mission-critical IoT solutions to Clovity’s Fortune 500 clients across retail, financial services, healthcare, and industrial domains, and are especially excited about rolling out end-to-end managed IoT solutions for Smart City programs.

Selected as Global Top 20 IoT Solutions Provider for 2018 & again as Top 50 for 2019 by CIO Magazine, Clovity is a global solutions partner and systems integrator whose growth is being propelled by the rapid adoption of connected products connecting the physical and digital worlds.

Clovity’s CSensorNet is one of the most robust IoT platforms in operation today, providing quick and secure transmission, analysis, and visualization of edge device data for enterprises, and by adopting DVN can offer premium services with programmable networking embedded into each solution.

Leveraging the scale, resiliency, and economics of the Internet, Clovity is now able to spin up ultra-secure private networks, bridging the technology gaps between the edge and cloud, and routing traffic in the most secure, reliable way.

Dispersive Virtual Network (DVN) is a patented, multi-path software-defined networking, military-grade overlay solution. Its 100% software-based approach divides network traffic into separate, independent packet streams, then sends each stream across a different, individually encrypted path. 

Clovity enhances Dispersive’s growing technology ecosystem partner community, extending beyond IoT into other related practices, including blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence, edge computing, security, and big data analytics.

The combination of these technologies, which Dispersive is also focused on, is driving hundreds of compelling use cases, and solving for the most complex challenges manufacturers face when adopting IIoT, embedding IoT sensors and the data they create into their business intelligence, quality management, orchestration and analytics, asset tracking and other programs and platforms.

Clovity’s large enterprise customers are competing with innovation and winning when their connected solutions perform with rigorous built-in security.

The growth of IoT and IIoT has been documented and forecast for continued growth as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” is now firmly underway. IDC, for example, predicts global technology spending on the Internet of Things to reach $1.2T in 2022, with the consumer sector leading spending growth with a worldwide Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 19%, followed closely by the insurance and healthcare provider industries. From a total spending perspective, discrete manufacturing and transportation will each exceed $150B in spending in 2022, making these the two largest industries for IoT spending.

While Bain predicts slightly smaller growth, with a $520B forecast by 2021, they have reported that more of their enterprise clients are trying out new use cases: 60% in 2018 compared with fewer than 40% in 2016.

The market for Industry 4.0 products and services is expected to grow to $310B by 2023 according to IoT Analytics, which tracks hundreds of IoT platform companies and says global spending on Industry 4.0 products and services will grow from $119B in 2020 to $310B in 2023, attaining a 27.04% CAGR. IoT Analytics bases their forecasts on six core building blocks and six supporting technologies:

Core IoT Analytics Building Blocks:

  • Hardware
  • Connectivity
  • Cloud Platform & Analytics
  • Applications
  • Cybersecurity
  • System integration

Supporting IoT Technologies:

  • Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR & VR)
  • Collaborative Robots
  • Connected Machines

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to learn more!

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