Finding Glimpses of Light During a Dark Time – Staying Connected During COVID-19


APRIL 2020

By: Chris Swan

The COVID-19 Coronavirus is a nasty, highly contagious virus that is wreaking havoc on our family, friends, co-workers, the world.  Who would think we’d find anything positive to come from this experience?

But there are some positive impacts that we’ve been able to observe from the quarantine and our collective human spirit in the face of this crisis.

We get busy in our daily lives and forget how wonderful it is to have our core family together. We were fortunate that our 24-year-old son was able to join us at home so we could hunker down together during this mess. While we’re both working, I get to witness him in action and observe how much he has grown in business skills, work ethic and acumen. Family dinners now include discussions about the stock market, business planning, strategy. I’m grateful for this glimpse into his daily work life and our opportunity to participate during this time.

Longtime friends are reaching out from around the world to check in on each other and reconnect. I’ve heard from folks I’ve known since childhood. And our technology makes it possible to catch up face to face over amazing video chats. Thank goodness we recently upgraded to that 1 Gbps Internet service!

I initially thought our work activity might slow down, but it’s really been quite the opposite. Customers and partners have been engaged and more active as they continue their work from home offices across every flavor of video conferencing. On the lighter side, several partners have invited me to participate in a virtual happy hour to enjoy libations and conversation at the end of a busy day. It’s not a pub experience, but still fun to connect and unwind. And, of course, there is the new drink everyone is talking about – the “Quarantini!”

Our Dispersive team has stayed closely knit with daily team video calls, action plans and helpful advice. Thankfully, we all have amazing DVN service so we can stay connected over our fast and secure network, while working across home Internet connections. It was fun watching our HR leader set an example by taking us on a healthy video walk last week (her LTE connection also worked great!)

By the way, the photo is our golden retriever, Finley, who is thrilled to have her pack around her every day and night – a big change as I’m usually traveling during the week.  She’s been in the background of numerous video calls and is on her way to becoming a “virtual” service dog.

There is a lighter side at this dark time in our resilient and optimistic human spirit as we reconnect and experience things differently, including where we work from, and how we work together.  Below are a few other inspirational observations from around the world over the last two weeks:

Friends have shared videos that celebrate the healthcare front line workers as they change shifts in Brussels and Atlanta:

Rice University students invented a $300 ventilator and shared the design so others can source and assemble their own:

Musicians are sharing their talents to inspire from balconies, online videos:

Feel free to reach out and share your own positive experiences with us. We’d love to hear from you!

Also know we are here if anyone needs support or help from our Dispersive family.

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