VPN Concentrators – the new bottleneck in securing remote workers


APRIL 2020

By: Chris Swan

For most IT managers, planning for a 20-25% expansion in VPN capacity should be enough for normal business operations. There is nothing normal about our current COVID-19 situation and clearly this was not something anyone could have planned for. So, it’s no surprise that VPNs are running out of capacity as many businesses have most of their employees suddenly working from home.

The challenge: We’re hearing from customers and partners that the biggest bottleneck is the VPN concentrator. From Technopedia: “The technical definition of a VPN concentrator is; a networking device that creates VPN networks to facilitate communication between different VPN nodes. At its core, a VPN concentrator is a router that is specifically designed to create and manage VPN network infrastructures.” These concentrators are typically appliances that are deployed at a company’s headquarters or data center. Unfortunately, most companies are facing long wait times to procure and deploy additional concentrators to meet demand.

A solution: Dispersive can spin up a virtual concentrator in minutes that can run in parallel to existing VPN infrastructure and relieve the overflow. This solution will not only provide a more secure alternative to VPN but will also boost WAN performance for happier remote employees as their applications will run smoother and more reliably. For the security savvy – Dispersive meets Zero Trust Network Access requirements and is amazingly resilient to attacks and QoS challenges. 

If your company is faced with this challenge, feel free to reach out to learn more about how Dispersive can help!

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