Dispersive and TXT2VOTE Team Up to Address Current and Long Term Election Needs


JUNE 2020

Press Release

Industry technology leaders team up to provide a secure text voting solution that may solve a number of challenges in upcoming elections.


Dispersive™ Networks, a provider of ultra-secure virtual networking for government and enterprise, today announced they have joined forces with Global Mobile for its TXT2VOTE® platform in an attempt to solve today’s election issues for safe, secure Vote at Home/Remote Voting. By jointly creating the most secure smartphone election platform engineered for our digital era, TXT2VOTE and Dispersive address the immediate challenges of voting during COVID-19, and the long term needs of today’s on-demand smartphone society.

Today’s voters use their smartphones to communicate, express opinion, gather information and now – to make an election impact. What makes TXT2VOTE the best solution for voting is its patented simplicity: a voter texts their keyword to 2VOTE (28683) to enable voting activities including registering, curing their signature while also verifying identity to send in their ballot.

With multiple layers of security and two U.S. patents granted for verification (10,187,372 & 10,027,647), each vote is verified by a user’s unique pin, signature, and government issued Identification, plus verification from the wireless carriers. TXT2VOTE’s national private network will be further digitally secured on the Dispersive Virtual Network (DVN) which will shield the system from adversarial attacks and ensure delivery. With 31 U.S. patents, Dispersive provides a highly secure and fast network built for mission critical industries and government agencies.

“TXT2VOTE is the only text voting platform with this level of security,” said Ed Wood, CEO, Dispersive. “In use since 2006, and backed by the people of Global Mobile, TXT2VOTE is extremely well positioned to drive further innovation in the U.S., with upcoming elections that will determine the future of our country and the world. It’s time to modernize the way Americans vote and Dispersive is proud to contribute to the success of the TXT2VOTE initiative.”

TXT2VOTE increases voter engagement and maximizes security, allowing for a more streamlined cost-efficient process compared to the expense of vote by mail. Addressing the needs of USPS and mail house personnel who require limited on-site presence, voters who prefer to practice safe non-contact exposure, time limitations of VBM early voting requirements, and green issues for the environment, the TXT2VOTE platform quickly and seamlessly enables voting from the safety and convenience of a smartphone.

“From federal elections to school board initiatives, our clients are modernizing their voting infrastructure and providing voters more convenient and secure options,” said Lee Durham, CEO of Global Mobile, the developer of TXT2VOTE. “By partnering with Dispersive, we are able to secure and scale our platform communications, which serves government agencies and political parties, as well as other public and private sector organizations.”

Clients have said about smartphone usage by voters recently:

“Because of issues created by COVID-19, it was important to provide voting delegates different options to cast their ballots for this year’s 2020 assembly. The TXT2VOTE platform provided an easy, accessible platform for voters to participate in this process and was the preferred method to vote, as 92% of delegates used TXT2VOTE to cast their ballot.” – Matt Crane, Assembly Teller Committee Chair, former Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder

“The acceptance of TXT2VOTE by our voters for curing their ballots for this election is absolutely amazing. The combination of ease of use with TXT, and the security level we require for everything we do has proven to be a real winner with our voters.” – Rozan Mitchell-Utah County

“Our voters now have a very simple way to cure their ballot and based on the high % of use, they seem very happy with the TXT2CURE service.” – Cody Swanson-Jefferson County, Colorado

Dispersive Networks provides a radically different approach to secure virtual networking which delivers new levels of security, reliability, and performance. The company offers 100% software-based virtual networking that provides a foundation for innovation and digital transformation across industry verticals. Inspired by battlefield-proven wireless techniques, the Dispersive™ Virtualized Network dynamically splits session-level IP traffic at the edge device into smaller, independent and individually encrypted packet streams. It enables partners to securely connect digital businesses, products, clouds and technologies end-to-end across any kind of network infrastructure, including the public internet. Dispersive Networks’ proven technology secures and accelerates the connected world. For more information, visit http://www.dispersive.io.

Global Mobile, the developer of TXT2VOTE®, provides three innovative ways to increase voter engagement and participation. Mobilize your current voting systems by implementing our txt-initiated voting platforms including Voter Communication, Voter Verification and Smartphone voting. We are changing the way America votes.® For more information, please visit https://www.txt2vote.com/.

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Chris Swan

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