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Industry’s First Open Ecosystem Conference for Edge and IoT, A Free Virtual Event Featuring Top Experts and Analysts

ATLANTA, Georgia, August 14, 2020 – Dispersive™ Networks, a provider of ultra-secure virtual networking for government and enterprise, today announced two executives have been invited to speak at the first ZEDEDA Transform Edge and IoT industry event this Wednesday, August 19.

Dispersive’s CEO Ed Wood will join a panel discussing Digital Twins and Extended Reality, a catchall term for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. Wood will weigh in on the importance of private, high speed networking extended to the edge as more compute is done locally to power real time, automated control systems and to provide connected field service and more remotely and securely.

“Timing for this virtual event, featuring many of the industry’s top analysts and experts, couldn’t be better,” Wood said. “We appreciate ZEDEDA organizing and producing this virtual event, which the IoT community can benefit from without having to travel in order to learn the latest as we all prepare to head into September and the fourth quarter of 2020, a year unlike any we’ve seen. The conversations will be rich and rewarding.”

Chris Swan, Dispersive’s Chief Revenue Officer, and respected leader in the development of disruptive new business models combined with leading edge technology innovation, will contribute to a panel on the adoption of IoT and IIoT connected systems in the energy industry, whether for the traditional grid or alternative microgrid supporting sustainable energy creation and distribution.

“Dispersive has been working for years in the energy industry, which has unique challenges given the distributed nature of equipment, and the need for ultra-secure and reliable communications networks,” Swan said. “We’re honored to join a panel of esteemed experts, to exchange and share information on the implementations to date, and the future of energy solutions which can be monitored, managed and maintained from central locations, with the risk of attacks by adversaries dramatically reduced. With the right ecosystems in place, we can unlock tremendous value while addressing urgent matters associated with climate change and more.”

Dispersive has already announced ecosystem partnerships with several participants, and thus represent the power of ecosystem models. For example, Dispersive recently announced a partnership with ClearBlade, joining forces to bring ClearBlade’s Cloud and Edge Computing technology together with the Dispersive Virtual Network (DVN) platform, making it easier to implement and protect mission critical IoT solutions.

Led by IoT pioneer Jason Shepherd, who pivoted from years of innovation and leadership at Dell Corporation to join a fast-growing start-up, ZEDEDA, an edge orchestration software company, announced this week they are hosting dozens of industry analysts, entrepreneurs, and executives from other IoT companies at their first ever industry ecosystem conference being held next week.

This free virtual event is open to the public and features leading analysts and influencers including Stephanie Atkinson (Compass Intelligence), Harry Forbes (ARC Advisory), Stacey Higginbotham (Stacey on IoT), Evan Kirstel (eVira), Leonard Lee (NeXtCurve), Dave McCarthy (IDC), Daniel Newman (Futurum), Dilip Sarangan (Frost and Sullivan), Richard Soley (OMG), Rob Tiffany (Ericsson) and more.

The half-day inaugural virtual event is scheduled for 9 am to 3 pm Pacific Time on August 19 and will be hosted on Hopin, which is itself a disruptive new online events platform, founded in 2019 by Johnny Boufarhat in London, United Kingdom. The platform began as a simple networking tool for matching people one-on-one but rapidly grew into a full-conference online events platform with Sessions, Stages, Expos, and more.

To join the event and get more information on the schedule and speakers, go to https://hopin.to/events/zededa-transform.

About Dispersive Networks

Dispersive Networks provides a radically different approach to secure virtual networking which delivers new levels of security, reliability, and performance. The company offers cloud native virtual networking that provides a foundation for innovation and digital transformation across industry verticals. Inspired by battlefield-proven wireless techniques, the Dispersive™ Virtualized Network dynamically splits session-level IP traffic at the edge device into smaller, independent and individually encrypted packet streams. It enables partners to securely connect digital businesses, products, clouds and technologies end-to-end across any kind of network infrastructure, including the public internet. Dispersive Networks’ proven technology secures and accelerates the connected world. For more information, visit http://www.dispersive.io.


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