Resilience in Motion



By: Chris Swan

Last weekend a number of people and businesses experienced widescale service disruption, network slowdowns, and other issues as a leading carrier grappled with significant challenges with their network.

So, as network professionals, what are we to do to avoid issues like this? Dispersive received a number of inquiries after this incident from IT leaders, customers, and partners who had heard about our resilience algorithms and were curious: “Could Dispersive have prevented the service disruption I experienced on my network?” The answer is, “Yes, absolutely!” The key is in the Dispersive software design and choices in network architecture. We highly recommend a multi-cloud, multi-network design similar to the Smart City example below:

A Dispersive Virtual Network (DVN) would have detected the outage or slowdown and instantly moved the affected traffic to different channels – all while keeping the applications and clients running. DVN constantly seeks the fastest lanes across the Internet and avoids congestion and attacks based upon its built-in resilience and optimization algorithms. Part of the secret sauce is our ability to channelize encrypted application traffic and disperse those channels across different network paths, providers, and clouds. The result is a self-healing, optimized, and highly secure network. And of course, DVN extends to the cloud, branch offices, but it also runs on laptops, phones, IoT devices, thus solving the bigger network and security problems we are all facing these days.

If this piques your interest, we suggest checking out the quick demonstration performed by our very own Tom Dougherty from the comfort of his living (while broadcasting on a DVN network). Please scroll to the bottom of our Technology page and click on the video image:

Feel free to book a meeting with us to learn more about how we can help you build resilience into your network while also making your end users happy with their application performance and the simplicity of DVN: or e-mail us at

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