Press Release

Dispersive Remembers Those Who Proudly Served Our Country

By Peter Kelly-Detwiler & Richard E. Harrison


Millions of men and women have risked (and continue to risk) their lives serving our country on foreign battlefields. Yet some of their most difficult struggles they face are right here at home.

PTSD. Domestic violence. The systemic failure of our VA facilities. Homelessness. Unemployment.

Some of these situations are slowly improving. However, we as a nation still do not treat our military personnel with the care and respect they deserve.

Let’s change that.

Take a veteran (and his family, if possible) to a movie, ballgame or concert. When you see a soldier eating at a restaurant, pick up the tab. Volunteer at a VA hospital. Donate money, clothing or other items to veterans’ groups. Drive a veteran to a doctor’s appointment.

Or simply help a veteran find a job. Dispersive stays in contact with outplacement offices at military bases here in Georgia. We welcome applications from veterans and military spouses via our Careers page. No doubt your company could do the same with bases in your state.

This Veterans Day, let’s start saying “thank you” by our actions, not just our words. In whatever way possible, let’s proudly serve those who proudly served our country.