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As businesses face ever-mounting challenges brought about by the global pandemic, military conflicts, and a significant increase in attempted cyber-intrusions, the importance of being able to work safely, and reliably from multiple remote locations has never been greater.

Dispersive’s patented multi-path software solution goes well beyond any current security option available and combines the full benefits of SD-WAN and VPN security in a single offering. More importantly, Dispersive’s solution ensures you never have to make the difficult choice between performance and security. You get both – every time – from anywhere!

Dispersive Cloud

DispersiveCloud is a hosted secure access service edge (SASE) cloud offering that leverages the same self-healing high performance next generation network fabric as DispersiveFabric, minus the complexity.

DispersiveCloud allows smaller and mid-market organizations to actively secure and obscure end-points and assets without the need for expensive network engineers.

DispersiveCloud provides advanced VPN and SD-WAN services in a single solution without any upfront infrastructure investment.

Dispersive Fabric

DispersiveFabric is a self-healing high performance next generation network fabric created to actively secure and obscure end-points and assets throughout the Enterprise.  The fabric can be deployed as either physical network devices, in containers or as virtual appliances throughout the network.  It is capable of delivering all functionality of a VPN and SD-WAN in a single secure solution.

In May, DispersiveFabric 4.3 will be available and feature a new client with added features for Windows computers, Apple devices and Android smartphones that represent significant overall improvements. In addition to being faster, version 4.3 will feature a more intuitive look and feel that will simplify life for both end users and network administrators. The web and API-based provisioning tools for the DispersiveCloud™ SaaS offering have also been completely re-architected to enable better management that will be easier, more comprehensive and provide greater granularity.


Dispersive’s VPNd solution connects any application in any location through IP-overlay, so users can access and accelerate all their applications, whether in the cloud or the data center, with far greater protection from cyberattacks leveraging our unique session-splitting approach.

Remote access VPNs are one of the most vulnerable and frustrating points of an enterprise network – especially in the age of the work-from-anywhere workforce;

  • The legacy VPN solutions are slow, congested and being infiltrated on a daily basis by ransomware hackers, and
  • the traditional hub-and-spoke, last century architecture, which is based upon 30 year old technology no longer works in distributed enterprise environments as the latency between the edge and cloud degrades performance.

This is why so many enterprises are augmenting or replacing their VPN with VPNd. Cloud Native with built-in WAN Acceleration, VPNd will move application traffic faster. And your corporate data will be protected with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) integrated with other security and resilience features not found in legacy VPN products.


Businesses are seeing significant cost benefit and flexibility through SD-WAN adoption. Unfortunately, traditional SD-WAN solutions fall short in meeting goals for IT and Security teams around;

  • Security, performance and network resilience.
  • In addition, most enterprises have expanded their network definition to include mobile devices that can be anywhere (laptops, phones, tablets, IIoT devices) in combination with branches, data centers and cloud points.

Dispersive’s SD-WAN solution offers a cloud-native architecture designed for cloud, branch and mobile world.

With built-in acceleration, unparalleled security, resilience and simplicity, Dispersive offers features well beyond traditional SD-WAN at a remarkable price point.

WAN Acceleration

Imagine moving your traffic up to 10 times your current performance, while also maintaining the highest level of security and resilience commercially available?

Dispersive’s WAN Acceleration meets these goals, but without the cost of deploying expensive independent software components and heavy edge CPE.

Dispersive accelerates performance by;

  • Optimizing edge, core and cloud traffic in combination with our split-session algorithms.

The benefit is a faster and more secure network experience for everyone!

Go ahead, run that on-demand video conference, extend your remote desktop, integrate a distant cloud, even in bandwidth-challenged environments!


Secure access service edge, or SASE (pronounced “sassy”), is an emerging cybersecurity concept that Gartner described in the August 2019 report, ”The Future of Network Security”.

SASE is the convergence of WAN (wide area networking) and Network Security Services into a single, cloud-delivered service model.

Instead of managing network and security separately, SASE simplifies and unifies these efforts while solving the;

  • Scaling, security, flexibility, performance and
  • Cost containment challenges enterprises are facing while attempting to manage the explosion of data, computing, people, groups (branch offices), applications, services, IoT systems and edge computing entities accessing their digital assets from any device on any network, public and private.

The Dispersive Difference

Our platform ends the unreliable, insecure performance of traditional VPNs. With multipath VPN, we deliver virtually perfect networks.

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