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At Dispersive, we pioneer cutting-edge security solutions for today’s increasingly connected world. Inspired by a simple, profound principle – “you can’t hack what you can’t see” – we are changing the face of digital safety.

Award-Winning Innovation & Partnership

We’re proud recipients of two U.S. Homeland Security ASTORS Awards for Best Cyber Critical Infrastructure Solution and Best Network Management Solution. Also, we’ve recently been one of the only two U.S companies to join the prestigious AWS Defence Accelerator program, driving innovation within the UK Ministry of Defence.

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Battle-Hardened Solutions

Born from a decade of research within the prestigious Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and fortified by 53 globally recognized patents (including 11 international) with 6 more awaiting approval, Dispersive Stealth Networking is a unique solution for today’s era of cloud networking and security. Our technology has undergone rigorous ‘red team’ testing, replicating real-world cyberattack strategies and techniques used against businesses, and proven its mettle under military-grade attacks. Endorsed by the Special Forces and Intelligence Community, our solution has solidified its reputation for robustness and reliability within the United States Federal Government.

DispersiveCloud™ & DispersiveFabric:
Flexible Deployment, Superior Security

Dispersive’s Stealth Networking technology can be quickly deployed with our DispersiveCloud service with minimal technical requirements. For customers with even more sensitive security needs DispersiveFabric is a fully containable solution for the most air-gapped or isolated environments. From remote infrastructure to the battlefield, trust Dispersive for ultimate security.

All our installations share next-gen quantum-resistant security features, constantly rotating encryption keys between endpoints and gateways, and multi-path optimization. We distribute traffic to boost performance over even the most constrained networks, wired or wireless.

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